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Thread: no sound :(

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    no sound :(

    After 7 months of planning and saving, I installed my computer. Despite my planning I cannot get the parts to ft into the car the way I wanted them to, but as soon as I track down some longer cables I should be fine.

    But that is the least of my worries because I cannot get the sound to function properly (or at all). I know little about car electronics but I assumed that when I looked at the back of my stero (pioneer DEH-1000) and saw the L/R RCA connections, that those were the aux. I think I might have been wrong!!! I plugged in the audio out into there and no go well it might be because I can't figure out how to switch to aux in my car but...? I read on pioneer that you are suppose to turn it off and hold the function button, and then press again to get to the next mode. Although the faq was for a different model I was hoping it would work. The only thing mine does is let you adjust the clock. So my question is, if anyone has one or knows what I'm doing wrong please let me know. Are those plugs for aux in or what???

    If not then what are my other options? I know about FM modulators but I hear quality sucks with that. And the back of my stero has no other connections (besides the antenna and wiring harness). I don't even know if my car has an amp, I got the service manuals from the library and it shows a picture of one (and is label amplifier) but when I looked under the seat it wasn't there, maybe it was an option? btw I have a 1995 Eagle Talon TSi.

    Thanks in advance.

    I just founf this: F/S:Pioneer IP bus adapter CD-RB10
    Is this what I need to get the aux to work????

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    The RCA jacks in the DEH1000 are rear outputs. Sorry to tell you but Pioneer wouldnt put AUX in in a cheap *** deck as the DEH1 series. Their higher end ones do. Most deck makers put AUX IN in their higher end decks. If it controls a changer then they might offer AUX in adapter that ties in the changer port. I know SONY does. Their AUX-IN module also accepts USB port so you can hook it up to the carPC.
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