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Thread: Mini-itx graceful shutdown

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    Mini-itx graceful shutdown

    I am putting together a little system for a party bus application that will do nothing but run a music visualization software to take an audio in signal and output a video signal to screens on the bus. I want it to be as simple as flipping a switch as the bus may be rented from time to time.

    I have things under control as far as power on. I will just set the bios on the computer to come on at power and boot straight into the vis software. Shutdown is the issue, even though I will use an ssd drive, I am concerned about it getting corrupted when the power is killed.

    Other than attaching a ups and configuring that system to shut down the computer when power is lost, does anyone have a suggestion? The problem with that route is that I really was hoping to avoid an inverter and run all of this dc-dc.

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    I think this is going to depend on your OS as well as which power supply you're running but an orderly shut-down is not difficult with most set-ups. I am running Win 7 Ultimate x64 and am using an M4-ATX pwr. supp. The settings are in the power supply manual but essentially what happens is that when the accessory wire is "disconnected" (essentially when the vehicle is shut off), the power supply sends a "power off" pulse to the motherboard. The PC then does an orderly shutdown of all running processes and then shuts off. There are jumpers/dip switches to adjust the actions of the supply as well as the time allotted for the shut-down before all power is removed from the mobo (I have mine set up so that after 1 minute, the power supply does a hard shutoff whether the PC is finished shutting down or not, I've never had it not finish a shutdown before that).

    What OS and Pwr Supp. are you using?

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    What OS and Pwr Supp. are you using?[/QUOTE]

    Atom D525 with small SSD and no optical drive or accessories running XP. Thinking an M2-ATX ought to be enough.

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