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Thread: CarPC randomly shuts down

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    CarPC randomly shuts down

    Good Evening,

    Lately, I've had an issue where my carPC will randomly shut itself down while driving. It shuts down normally, as if I turned off the ignition and it will not reboot until I turn off the car and turn it back on...OR, I turn off the valet switch and turn it back on(controls the accessory/signal wire). I have an opus power supply. I've checked my wiring to a reset button I have, and it does not appear that these wires are touching. The wires to the valet switch also seem to be OK. Are there any known issues with the power supply, or pc hardware that could cause an issue like this? My system is pretty complex to take apart, so I am trying to gather intel before I jump in.

    Thanks a million for the input!
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    First, check the Windows system logs to see if there was a fault that initiated the shutdown. If those are good, then check your voltage to the Opus. If the voltage drops below the threshold (whatever it is, depending on how you have the jumpers configured), then the Opus will send a shutdown signal. So, if there's nothing going on in Windows, then either the voltage to the Opus has issues, or the Opus has issues.
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    I was having some issues where after about 5 minutes of inactivity, the system would go into hibernation... then immediately come back on... I checked all the power settings, those were all correct... Mitch looked around and though it was a motherboard "eco" setting. I played around with all the BIOS settings, but nothing seemed to be right. I also upgraded from WinXP to Win7. Now, I don't have the issue...
    Maybe it's related?


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    could it also be a temperature shutdown feature?

    I had my psu covered up (silly me) and when it got too warm it would shut the pc down.
    Then automatically boot back up when the temp returned to a safe threshold.

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