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Thread: Reducing core temp

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    Reducing core temp

    My processor is running at 54C idle in my home well ventalated....with a house fan pointed straight through the vent (it is the same temp without the fan as well)
    I came across something in another forum where this guy found a tool to reduce the temp of the core considerably, but when I went to find this software it was no longer available, this is what he said:

    By using RMClock, I was able to:
    1) Reduce the AMD Neo X2 CPU multiplier from 7.5 to 4 resulting a CPU running @ 800MHz when in idle mode (most of the time on an HTPC)
    2) Reduce the temps from 72 C to 49C resulting less fan noise
    3) "On Demand" power-up (from 800MHz to nominal 1500MHz by steps) when playing games, music, surfing,...

    Does anyone know of any other reliable and reputable software that can accomplish this? I can only imagine when I get this in the car the temp is going to go up by about 10C.


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    you can download the file from here SNO

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    Have you looked up normal operating temperatures for the CPU/GPU/Chipset? It's entirely possible that 55C is a perfectly normal operating temperature. While some processors throttle when they get hotter than 60C, others don't care. It being a mobile chipset, I suspect that it can withstand a lot more heat (though it should also produce less heat, for the same exact reason)

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