Does anyone know if there is OBDII (bluetooth) software for windows CE 6.0, that will run on my W72GPS unit? I have an ELM327 bluetooth OBDII unit that id like to use in conjunction with the headunit. It would be cool to have a set of gauges displayed on the 7" lcd showing RPM/Fuel Economy/Temps/Fuel Trims, ect....

I use the ELM327 with my iPhone4/BT Stack/Fuzzycar, or REV with success.... its a shame there is no good apps for WinCE. Innovasoft boasts (1000's) of apps for their GUI (InnoSoft 4.0), but its all crappy games! who wants that crap on their vehicle headunit! I find the actual GUI pretty good, and have IGO8 GPS software installed, with CANADA maps, and the gps aspect works great, the GUI for music/video/equalizer is decent as well.


Thanks for now,