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Thread: Who WARDRIVES with their CarPC? Please show us your rig.

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    Who WARDRIVES with their CarPC? Please show us your rig.

    The CarPC is the perfect mobile GPS/WIFI/OS platform for a bit of WarDriving, so who has setup their rig to do this?

    Which WIFI Card are you using / warstumbling software?

    With my Laptop in the car, when I used to do this, I used a PCMCIA Orinoco card - which had various features, was ideal for "scanning".
    But are there any decent USB WIFI offerings? Perhaps a USB to PCMCIA interface (so I could re-use that dusty Orinoco Card).
    Plus adding the external antenna on the roof significantly added to the detection rates, so a WIFI device with external antenna port essential.

    Looking at building my CarPC very soon, currently doing my research on all the CarPC Hardware / wiring for the car...
    Would be interested to read about your WarDriving setups + pictures.

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    i don't really wardrive, but has come in handy a couple of times-- last time i used it as such(when my houses modem killed itself), i was picking up wifi signals in a parking lot from about 300-500ft away..

    wireless antenna array?

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    Thanks soundman - WOW - You were picking up WIFI networks from 500ft away from their source!
    Must have been using a decent high gain antenna for that.

    Considering the CarPC is fitted semi-permantly into the car, its just the perfect setup for WD.
    Only requirement would be a suitable, sensitive, wifi card / device which can enter the correct listening "states".

    Will factor this into my build in due course...

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    I have a Habey HB_NB037H half-PCI Wifi/Bluetooth card. The antenna is under the seat with the CPU and I have have real good luck with inSSIDer. It logs to a file that you can then dump into a google map and it does a good job of collecting details. It is a lot nicer than NetStumbler because it supports a lot more wifi chipsets than NS does.

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