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Thread: Newb Questions. . .help me out!

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    Question Newb Questions. . .help me out!

    Hey Guys. just wanted to say this is a rad site first off, and eventually, id like to hook up a computer setup for my 93' Grand Cherokee.

    Right now, i have a JVC KDSX-980 Mp3 Deck, running to my amp and subs. Basiclly, im looking for a cheap, and effective setup for computer stuff.

    eventually, id like to be running DVD, GPS, a backup camera. potentially controll some car functions with a computer. im on a tight budget and have a few questions that my research has lead me to.

    1) Screens- i knowi want 1 screen, for a bugdet setup, would it be better to get a cheap vid card and s-video out it into a RCA input screen, or i think you can get VGA lcd screens right? bit Pricey?

    2) For a computer, im planning to get an old desktop, probably win98, usb, just basic stuff, will that operating system hold me back?

    3) external DVD or DVD-drive ?

    4) where do i even start looking at remotes for this computer, ive been searching non-stop, and it gets really confusing, but ive heard alot of talk about IRman? is that right?

    5) NIT is brightness Right? what NIT is acceptable for normal conditions?

    Thanks so much, i know i hate answering stupid questions about my areas of expertise, so i hope these arent toooo basic.


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    1) You said tight budget, so go composite screen

    2)no, you'll be fine with 98, I prefer XP

    3)that's persolnal preference buddy

    4)look in the input devices forum

    5)yes NIT is brightness, I would "guess " about 200 for normal conditions

    anything else, search
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