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Thread: eee-pc 701

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    eee-pc 701

    just curious if anyone has one of these (not necessarily in a car)

    i'm primarily interested in the screens of these pcs and if they are good in sunlight. I dont care about hardware specs as i'll be (attempting to) write my own gui to control an arduino. but need something taht is good in sunlight
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    Not great in direct sunlight. Unfortunately, the screen requires a backlight, which means it's not reflective, which means ambient light washes it out.

    That being said, it won't be any worse than most colour LCDs out there. I have one of these and they'd make a great carputer. Rip out the WiFi board and install a crystal HD decoder and you can even play 1080p HD vids. Power consumption is very low as well. And you can find special made car power adapters for them at a very low cost. Main best thing is that they use a lower voltage than the car voltage, making power supply design simpler (and therefore cheap power supplies less likely to blow up).

    Good choice!


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