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Thread: iPhone / USB Bluetooth (w/ Bluesoleil drivers) Automatic Connection -- How?

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    iPhone / USB Bluetooth (w/ Bluesoleil drivers) Automatic Connection -- How?

    As the topic suggests, I have my iPhone (4S) paired with my PC (XP SP2) and I use the Bluesoleil drivers. The PC is always in discoverable mode and visible, but the iPhone will not connect to it when its in range. I want it to, because I want to start routing my calls through it for my hands-free service. Sure I could create a shortcut or macro to have the PC initiate the data connection, but that will only get me the tethering (network transfer) connection. I can only get the "headset" profile if the iPhone initiates the connection. Out of all the things the iPhone can do, not sure why I can't have it auto-connect when in range. The phone is jailbroken too, but I haven't seen any add-ons that help my cause.


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    Did you ever solve this? I'm having the same issue.

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