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Thread: I'm just curious, has anyone actually used this antenna?

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    I'm just curious, has anyone actually used this antenna?

    I can't seem to find much information on anyone actually using one of these! Like what did you do for connectors and such? I see lots of people that have tried asking about the antenna? But no one that's actually used one? Does store just carry these and no one buys them? Doesn't make much sense.

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    I thought about buying one, just traded my M35 and gave up on the idea. I doubt it won't work, actually I think it should work fine if not great. I've seen guys modding TPs and even a single stranded wire outside the noisy RF case improved, GPS and WI-FI signals, so apparently, even bare wire works sometimes. It should work better than something enclosed, say, behind the rear glass with metallic tint and/or embbeded FM power antennas.

    If you're willing to drill a hole in your car, and you can't find a spot on your dash behind plastic or whatever, go for it. On my FX (see signature) I actually mounted my garmin GPS puck in the plastic where the wipers rest, very steatlh and work great there, but you have to route the usb cable through the firewall.

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    Well, I already bought the antenna but I'm finding it very difficult to find adapter cables as the connectors on the antenna are FME. I think I'm going to use a stock SMA antenna and break off the antenna part to get down to the coax so I can use the connector off that and use the stock connector on my stock antenna for the GPS. Just frustrating that I couldn't find an adapter to work?

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    Well I bought the connectors and used my old antenna's (GPS and WIFI) and took off their cables with connectors attached. Then I just soldered on some FME connectors to the other end and heatshrinked them with some techflex to dress them up. Here's a picture of the results. Seems to work well (at least on the wifi) so I'm happy. Ended up costing me like 8 bucks going this route.

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