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Thread: TP-Link router with wifi and USB port for 3G modem

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    TP-Link router with wifi and USB port for 3G modem

    I just wanted to bring to your attention a very nice router

    The 3G dongle is plugged right in, and the PC connects via ethernet
    Wifi is a bonus
    Stabilized 12V 1A power requirement.
    About 340SEK (webhallen) or 35 is very affordable.

    With it I did not need the 3G device driver or other sw on the PC anymore which makes the boot faster.
    Wifi is a nice little extra.
    As well as 3 ethernet ports.
    I supply the power from the PC PSU

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    I have the slightly cheaper version of this, the MR3220 (150mbps wireless N vs 300 for the MR3420) and I can say it's a great device. Cheapest device with a USB port that you can run alternative router firmware on.

    The biggest selling point for me is that it supports OpenWRT, though if you want to do anything useful with it, you need to install packages to external storage. I use this thing at my parents house to control the garage doors among other things. Also use it for active port forwarding when I'm on a natted network. But if you have this guy + a usb hub + a pen drive, the possibilities are endless.
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