So after getting sick of waiting for someone to come out with a head unit with all the features I want, I finally decided I should just go the CarPC route and be a bit more in control.

I'm wanting to fall right in around the $1000 range with my initial build, but hopefully I can adequately upgrade this build without incurring extra costs to eventually have it do all I want. I would like full GPS navigation, bluetooth, and audio processing (eq, t/a, crossovers). I will eventually need to be able to do a 3 way front stage plus subwoofer. Right now my amps will handle the crossovers, until I get the necessary equipment to have the CarPC do it. So anyways, here is what I've come up with for my first stab at hardware:

ASrock H67M-ITX/HT (8 Channel Audio, Take advantage of Intel HD on CPU graphics, built in wifi, good selection of I/O's) - $150
Intel Core i3 2120T 2.6ghz HD 2000 35w (Low power consumption/heat, built in graphics, should hopefully have enough power for what I want to do) - $135
4gb Kingston HyperX DDR3-1333 - $29
Kingston SSDNow 32GB (OS Drive, increase boot time)- $65
320gb external hdd - $65
M2-ATX 160Watt PSU - $70
SoMoCo Black BOx PCI Mini ITC Case (space to install PCI-e riser board)- $97
Somoco 7" High Bright Double Din Lilliput 669GL-70NP/C/T (the specs on Somoco's site for the 669 look more like the 659, as the actual 669 is resistive and has 250 brightness, while SoMoCo's site lists it as Capacitive (believe they mean acoustic wave), and 450 brightness, I'm going to call to confirm what it is) - $359

This brings me right in around the $1000 mark, before buying all necessary cables. If this setup (PSU/Case) could handle a 65W CPU, I would jump up to the Core i3 2105 3.1Ghz with the Intel HD 3000.

For starters I'll probably just use the Ride Runner front end, I have installed it on my desktop, and I actually like it more than some of the paid ones I looked at (granted, I didn't install any of the paid ones, just reading reviews/website). I hope to eventually add a PCI-e Sound Card (unsure which one, I like the looks of the M-Audio 1010LT, but it is only PCI, not PCI-e so that's a bummer), and install AudioMulch to do my Crossovers/TA/EQ. Down the road I'll also be adding Bluetooth, GPS, and FM Radio.

So anyways, just wanted to throw this out here, see if anyone had any comments/suggestions on my build, anything I should tweak, or improve on. The two area's I'm not sure on are the motherboard, and the PSU. The motherboard looked the most appealing to me out of all the ones I've seen, but I'd love input on what other people have used, especially if it falls in the $100 price range. The PSU looks quite nice, and looks to provide plenty of protection and options for control in a car. I was worried how to handle preventing the computer turn on/off repeatedly with the ignition, and to keep it from killing the battery, and the M2-ATX looks like it takes care of all that.

Anyways that's what I'm looking at for now, any suggestions or improvements are greatly appreciated. THanks!