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Thread: cat5 vs cat6

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    cat5 vs cat6

    so cat5 is 24 or 26g and cat6 is 22g. Can anyone forsee an issue, ie fire, with using cat5 for 10ft to feed power to led indicators from the computer and dcdc converter? or should I rerun the wires using cat6?

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    I use a cat5 cable for Power/HDD led's, as well as for an extra power switch and hard shutoff relay control. Generally the indicator LED's don't use enough power that you should have to worry about it.
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    But for that warm and fuzzy feeling...

    26G is ~2A; 22G ~7A (for chassis wiring).
    2A should be ample for LEDs (20mA per string).

    26G resistance is about 2.5x 26G, hence 2.5x the voltage drop, but that should not be an issue.

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