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Thread: Asus E35M1-I vs Asrock E350M1

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    Quote Originally Posted by audballz View Post
    The issues are the CPU is pretty slow, but I knew that already. Sometimes I can see and hear it be very latent handling Centrafuse.
    Might be worthwhile going for something a bit more powerful then? I want Centrafuse to run smoothly and be able to do GPS navigation too so it sounds like I might need something a tad quicker than these boards?

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    I have an asrock E350M1, I dont use the instant boot , it is worthless so far.

    I am still building the PC so I am not done tweaking yet, but with an silicon power T10 32G SSd 4GB ram win 7 ultimate lite and riderunner it takes 17 sec to resume from hibernate, just make sure you haven't got a wifi adapter plugged into the usb ports , I found out that if I disconnect my wifi before going into hibernate makes boot from hibernate go a lot faster , with my wifi plugged in it takes about 40 sec , opposed to the 17 sec I have now.

    so I think you can safely go for the asrock , its cheaper and offers enough functionality for a carpc and very low power consumption (44watts at full load)
    View my worklog here

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