Hey guys,

I have a Car PC I installed myself in my Nissan 370z, but my touchscreen has been giving me some weird issues. The touchscreen in question is a MT700 from Motor City Tech.


The issues I am having are:

-Sometimes, the touch pointer will erratically move the the corner of the screen, like there is pressure or something being applied to it. My initial diagnosis is that some pressure from fitting the screen in a double din slot causes this, but I'm not sure. Resetting the computer doesn't help the issue, but weirdly enough, if I trip the circuit breaker that sends power to my audio amps and my car computer, and then reset it that way, the touchscreen works perfectly - until it happens again. The only idea I have about solving this is to go back and dremel some more around the screen to relieve the tiny amounts of pressure, but may it be a ground issue or something?

-The touchscreen sometimes trips the auto-reverse-camera function, even though I have nothing plugged into either of them. I covered the tips of the RCA's with electrical tape to prevent shorts and what not, but I am stumped. Is it possible to ground it to the frame or something to trick it to thinking there is a camera, or something like that?

Any input is appreciated.