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Thread: Intel NUC form factor motherboard

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    Intel NUC form factor motherboard

    this should give some horsepower to nano-sized boards, internal motherboard for 2-Din units perhaps?
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    This would be good, since generally small form factor PC's of that sort range in the $1k-$3k price point (Kontron has Intel boards similar for that). $100 would be a welcome relief, but I'll believe it when I see it.

    I like how they didn't do any research. "At 10x10cm, the NUC is actually one of the smallest complete PCs on the market.", since there are quite a few x86 PC's in that form factor, the Kontron one ranking in at 84mmx55mm. It's just a bit out of the price range of hobbiests
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    Yes please. Definitely will keep these in mind.

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