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Thread: Tips/TricKz to make Windows boot faster....

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    Arrow Tips/TricKz to make Windows boot faster....

    If you know any tips or tricks to make windows boot faster please post them here, so we can have them all in one thread. Thanks!

    Bootvis (I got it off kazaa, but you can also get it off the microft website)

    Anything else?

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    Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

    Read the FAQ!

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    Black Viper's services list:

    Turn off any services you don't need to skim off some load time. Probably a good idea to rerun bootvis. This will free up some ram too.

    Run MSCONFIG. Uncheck any startup programs you don't need to have.

    Make sure you have the latest drivers.

    If you got a P4 (maybe other intels too) - Intel Application Accelerator
    Drivers to take advantage of ide controller on chipset. Claims 58% faster boot time on Win2k and 34% improvement in applicatin. I haven't got around to testing, but looks promising.

    Keep the hard drives defragged.

    Right now my system takes around 30seconds from turning the key to playing an mp3. But this only when it decides to boot... Once I can get it booting reliably, I'll try the tips I've posted above to get it lower.

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    Don't keep everything on one big partition.
    Use a Compact Flash card with an CF card to IDE adapter for lighting fast embedded results.
    Edit your startup programs (simple)
    i've just read there's SCSI HD's with 20K+rpm ($$$)
    If you have an mini-itx mobo with one memory slot and shared video memory (onboard video), use a high quality 512meg mem chip.
    Play with the bios. I wont get into specifics but please turn off "Enable Virus Check".

    On WinXP enable hibernation
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