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Thread: Power line question

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    Power line question

    I originally bought a 6 awg ac wire for my 25' line. However, I've been told more than once I shouldn't have used that. I really don't understand why, because no one seems to have an explanation except for slight durability, but I'm going to go ahead and buy the dc version. However, along with this decision, I seem to be running into a lot of wires that are said to not be true 6 gauge. This is the one I'm looking at now and hoping someone bought from this guy, or can point me to a good 25 awg wire for less than $30 (

    Also, I can't seem to find a distribution block that will take me from 6 to 16 awg. I guess that is nearly impossible, so suggestions would be appreciated. Yes I know I have to put a fuse there as well.

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    your not going to find a distro block like that-- i'd just use a 6-8ga block and then strip back and fold over the 16ga wire a few times in the block to get it to stay.

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    in that situation i've used crimped ring terminals on each wire that i then bolted together with a small bolt and nut and then shrink-wrapped the whole assembly

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