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Thread: Which type of Front end Hardware to go for?

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    Which type of Front end Hardware to go for?

    Hi all

    Im looking to start my first car pc install and am having my main use with choosing what device/setup to run.

    I have a lot of experience with installs (integrating actuators to open boots, installing/fabricating screens and an xbox 360 into my last car) so level of difficulty shouldnt be a problem.

    i have 3 choices

    1. integrate a small tablet (no bigger than 7-9") into the dash, allowing for it to be removable (via the use of a dock)
    2. Integrate a netbook with a second touch display. touch display will be in the dash, netbook mounted in the cabin to allow the use of its screen for rear passengers (e.g just duplicate display), id use rainmeter here in win 7 to create my own custom touch interface.)
    3. Build an actual car pc, hooked to a touch display (better option for UI customization, i.e different OS choices)

    so here are my main needs

    -Wifi (for access points, integration with other devices, and syncing to home pc should i go for 2 or 3
    -additional screens would be preferable, but can be sacrificed should the tablet be ahead by leaps and bounds of the others)
    -touch interface
    -fast boot
    -i would like to have a play with control via the device, i.e arduino or home automation devices to control actuators
    -speech recognition (this isnt a massive thing to lose, but have been playing with it in win7 and its a nice feature)
    -phone integration would be nice
    -as its mostly for music, a great interface here would be nice
    -movies would be a plus

    Any ideas of what type i should go for?
    Tablet, dedicated car pc or netbook?

    any help would be greatly appreciated


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    More than a month old, but I can share my thoughts. Latest Android is quite capable, and there are a number of free apps that would help you along. Every "zone" (1 front, 2 rear for example) can be an Android tablet. There is a DLNA server/client app that would let everyone share the media on everyone else's device. You can use a small netbook also as a central spot/repository. You can use a wifi 3G router for net access. Radio is an issue unless you want to stream it via internet. Although radio for Android may not be too far off (or you can integrate into a head unit).

    They pretty much all come with Bluetooth.

    There are ways for Android to do real world interfacing. Or if also using a netbook, use it to control stuff via the Android tablets.

    You can wait and use upcoming Windows 8 tablets as well.

    Just some thoughts.
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