Just came back from Telematics Detroit where QNX had their latest show vehicle (Jeep). This one only had playbooks attached to the headrests in the back, but their Porsche vehicle (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=3Qy3dl_odC4) was using the playbook as the controller for a lot of stuff. They are using Eclipse and HTML5 to do this stuff. They even recreate the dash (speedo tach etc...) and replace them with custom screens. This is a way deeper level of control than just the stereo and getting some OBD stuff on a screen. I thought you guys might find this interesting. Wish I had my camera at the show.

Has anyone done a commercially available front end that will work on the playbook ? I have one sitting around that I never really use (got it for business but the fact that I still have to carry my blackberry around with it seems stupid to me). I would love to integrate it into the dash of my mustang.