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Thread: Help with multi-screen/multi-source setup

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    Help with multi-screen/multi-source setup

    I'm curious if anyone has duplicated any of the newer dual screen DVD setups that are popping up now days in mini-vans. They have two DVD players so you can get separate movies on the two rear screens or have them mirrored if only one movie is playing.

    I'm thinking of a triple video card solution for the carpc, one for the in-dash, and one each for the rear monitors. The big question is how can I get the software setup to do the auto source routing?

    Please let me know your thoughts on this setup. TIA

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    OpenMobile supports this by default. You can have multiple screens and multiple audio devices that can be configured as different zones (in dash, rear left, rear right etc...).
    These zones can then be used for video playback (separate with different movie on each or same video on all), games, radio, mp3 etc. They can all work independently or together.

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    Looks like really good info, thanks!

    Now, onto looking for a motherboard to support 3 video cards....

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