I was searching threads about it, but not find anything.

I trying to find the best solution for my CarPC, and I find Diversity Car DVB-T Receiver DVB1184

It has a two antenas and it is acctually twin DVB-T receiver (true diversity), because it using one receiver while another one is searching for a better signal, and automaticaly using the best signal.
It is tested and works fine, up to 280 km/h as it can be seen there: http://www.youtube.com/v/eUOqVNqyj1k?fs=1&autoplay=1

But it is made for a video input signal (using on the multimedia devices), and I wonder how it will works with converter video RCA input to USB ( photo: http://images.highspeedbackbone.net/...-1344-main.jpg )? I guess that it will degrade image quality. But I do not know if it will works with CarPC by USB port (or maybe this USB port is only for a acces to recorded audio and video files).

If someone knows something about it?
Or have some ideas or suggestions?