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Thread: Help With VM9224BT

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    Help With VM9224BT

    OK so awhile back i purchased a jensen vm9224bt double din touchscreen HU. this unit does not allow me to change backgrounds but the newer vm9225bt does. Is there a way for me to

    A) hack this unit OS and just rewrite the background image
    B) hack the unit and install the OS from the newer unit (if i can find it of course)
    C) create my own OS with WinCE

    Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

    Thank you.

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    i think you're just plain out of luck.. from what i've heard in the past, those units are not easily hackable in any respect and the processing power that they have is pretty limited to what it already does, so adding things will only hurt it's performance..

    you might be better off locating a more winCE-centered forum, or possibly a forum like for the pioneer AVIC hack forum-- i know those guys have done a lot of hacking on those units to do certain things, but i don't know how you're unit rates compared to those..


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