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Thread: Dell Optiplex SX260 Based System - Feedback Needed

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    Dell Optiplex SX260 Based System - Feedback Needed

    I just paid $30.00 for a Dell Optiplex SX260 PC, which I am thinking of using for a system build and would like feedback on whether this would be a good platform. Here is a link to it:

    Suffice it to say that I'm a noob at this, but here is a list of pros and cons as I see them. Please feel free to comment either way:

    - Cheap
    - Small footprint (3.5'x10"x10")
    - Pentium 4
    - 2 GB RAM

    - Brick Style External Power Supply (or is that a good thing?)

    The system is currently loaded with Win XP, but I was thinking of either going with Win 7, or an EMBEDDED Win OS. Please help me see the error of my ways!! Your comments are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks - Samer

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    Welcome to the forum, lol first post but joined in 2006. That box will be fine for a starter box. Video is not its strong suit. I would give it 2 gig ram and leave XP as OS. For power I am sure you can find a carnetix power supply that will output the voltage needed for that box, just cut the end of your brick and wire to carnetix PS you will have startup and shutdown controller and NO inverter to plug in. SNO

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    It's not as much of a slam dunk as it initially appears.

    The power brick for the SX260 outputs 12v @ 12.5A.
    The Carnetix P2140 outputs 12v @ 11A.

    That may or may not work for your PC, depending on the hardware.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Notwithstanding the power supply issue, what about the OS? The PC currently has the factory 40GB HDD, which I can swap out for a higher capacity drive, and do a fresh OS install, and I'm wondering whether an embedded Windows OS would work , and if so, which one? I think I've settled on a Ride Runner front end. Thoughts?

    Thanks - Samer

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