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Thread: Directed HD Radio reception deteriorating?

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    Directed HD Radio reception deteriorating?

    Without having changed anything, the reception on my radio unit is getting worse. PC and wiring locations have remained the same for 2 years.

    I have a fender mounted antenna that I installed at that time. I have disassembled and cleaned it up (make sure ground and signal lines are good) and re-assembled. Doesn't help.

    I also try the window antenna (with power applied as it has a booster) and reception is just as bad.

    This has progressively gotten worse over many weeks and I cannot seem to figure it out.

    Is there a known issue with Directed / Visteon radio units slowly dying?

    Any and all help appreciated.

    03 Cadillac CTS
    ZOTAC G43ITX-A-E 2.5ghz Core i3 2GB 160GB SSD
    Win7 Ultimate - OpenMobile - Directed HD - Wifi
    OMMaps + MS GPS Puck - WiFi via LTE Android phone
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    Is it possible that your power and/or ground lines are getting loose? I noticed some engine whine and hissing/static noise crept up on me. It would get worse when I ran over bumps... Could that be in?

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