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Thread: Is there any way to use a tablet as monitor?

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    Is there any way to use a tablet as monitor?

    I am in the process of deciding how to build my carpc. I want to use a tablet as the monitor. I do not want to use the tablet as anything but a display. The tablet isn't a computer and doesn't have ability to be upgraded etc, etc, etc. I think the touchscreen technology of the new tablets is better than the liliput monitors and I like them better. I want to know if there is a way to connect a nice android or Ipad to a pc running windows and use the tablet as a touchscreen monitor. So far I have been unable to locate any advice toward my goal. I am sure it can be done, I just have to look for advice in the right areas.

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    I am sure mechanically it could be done but your biggest issue would be drivers from one platform to another, display as well as touch. you would be better off buying a 5 wire resistive or capacitive one. I have a 5 wire and it really makes a big difference from 4 wire types for touch and accuracy. But if you want multi-touch there are some around just not sure of sizes. I have an acer 23" with multi-touch but only under win 7 or 8. SNO

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    Ironically I have been thinking about doing the same project over the past week. The thing is, I don't think any front ends make use of multi-touch gestures anyway. Are you wanting the tablet for the higher resolution than the lilliput monitors?

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    Remote destop control of your PC over WiFi, that's how I did it in my boat used the Wyse RDP application on a rooted nook color,

    Screen resolution is not perfect, but you can make do, and it's pretty awesome showing people that you can control your tunes from 100' away
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    I was wondering how you used wyse without internet access. I downloaded the program to mess with before i use it on a car pc. It seems like for it to function it must be connected to the interwebs? Unless you did an ad-hoc network and manually configured it.

    Im using a rooted nook tablet.

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    using teamviewer or rdp, between the computer and whatever tablet you may use will work. i personally like teamviewer bc of the layout and ease of use on the client. i just set up the teamviewer remote for android on my galaxy s3, and am using xbmc on my home media computer completely fine. my issue was on screen animations and interactions, but that's bc it's xbmc and not centrafuse.

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