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Thread: Lilliput 629, no touch feedback

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    Lilliput 629, no touch feedback

    Good Afternoon,
    I continue to have issues with my Lilliput 629gl. My last problem was that the X & Y axis on my touches was being reversed. I decided to take out the carPC and set it up on the bench today and fix the issue. I did a clean install of windows and then tried to install the eGalax touch drivers(I've used them successfully in the past). When it prompted to plug in my display, I did so and the USB Universal Drivers were installed...I assume by WINDOWS 7. At this point, the eGalax software noticed a USB Touch controller, but I cannot calibrate, or get any touches to respond. The screen displays an image, and that is it!

    I then uninstalled eGalax and tried the touchkit drivers with the same procedure and the same error.

    Next, I blocked Windows from installing drivers automatically and tried both eGalax and Touchkit. The software installed fine, but it would not locate a Touch Controller nor could I add one. Still, and obviously, my touches did not register.

    Please help with this situation! How do I get my Lilliupt 629 to work with my Windows 7 install?!

    A note; I've tried these procedures on my laptop and also have the same outcome.

    Thank you so much for the help!!
    Over a year later I guess it's true...a carPC is NEVER complete

    2002 Mustang CarPC

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    Still looking for help
    Over a year later I guess it's true...a carPC is NEVER complete

    2002 Mustang CarPC

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