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Thread: Mimicing a power button press (Bluetooth GPS)

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    Mimicing a power button press (Bluetooth GPS)

    Hey guys,

    I have a TomTom Bluetooth GPS which has a push to make power button. You hold it down for approx 2 seconds to turn it on and then the same to turn it off. If you hold it down continuously it will just turn straight back off again.

    I wanted to see if I could somehow get it to just turn on when it gets power, without pressing the button. *somewhere* I read about using a capacitor for this purpose?

    Does anyone have any ideas for getting it to just turn on? I will post PCB pics if it will help.

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    This is the quickest I could find:
    Look at the 'Power off Time Delay Relay'
    You would need to modify the circuit to do what you want (this holds power after switch shuts off, you want power for a short time after switch turns on), but this will get you started.

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    put a small cap across the pwr switch if it's too big it will be like holding the button too long if it's too small it wont do anything.
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