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Thread: Heat shrink tubing- weather tight seal

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    Quote Originally Posted by sebberry View Post
    Why not use some heat shink butt connectors?
    Knew about them, but as I stated everything is crimped already and I already have a LOT of regular heat shrink so I would like to use some of it up before I go buying a bunch of adhesive lined tubing.

    I already decided on what I'm going to do, thanks for all the suggestions everyone.

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    I use hot glue it reflows when you shrink the tube. About soldering connections- don't let the solder wick down the wire, the wire will get stiff and break.
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    I guess we are kind of doing the same thing, I have rebuilt a few harnesses for Mercedes and I use basically what has been suggested, heatshrink tube with heatglue on the inside, they do come in different thickness, thickest I use the tube material is about 2 mm after shrunk.

    If anyone is interested it can be followed here:

    And yes, it is a 7,2l V12....
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