Hi everyone, I have an Infill G4 but want more features so I'm going to build a custom carputer to fit my needs. I know a little bit about PC hardware, but I'm not terribly familiar with what is needed to build a carputer with the features I'm looking for. I plan on likely buying this double-DIN case/screen combo to start everything off:


The above kit is a mini-ITX case with an LCD screen that supports HDMI input. Here are the features that I'm looking for from my custom carputer:

-(AM/)FM Stereo
-Bluetooth (for hands-free calling, but A2DP support would also be great if it's even possible)
-SATA Hard drive (maybe solid state if I can find a good deal)
-External Blu-Ray/DVD/CD drive (SATA connection, I suppose)
-TV Capture Card with HDMI input (PCI Express)
-WiFi (preferably not USB, but if most mini-ITX boards only have one PCI Express slot then USB will have to do)
-Bluetooth keyboard/touchpad combo (can be a USB dongle)
-Sirius satellite radio (optional, don't really need this)

A big concern is sound quality. I'm not sure what hardware is needed for good sound processing, so I can definitely use some help with that.

The other area that I need help in is the motherboard and all hardware needed to make this thing run properly. I plan on mainly using the device for playing music (CDs, MP3s (via flash drive and hard drive), Slacker Radio [via 4G broadcasted from my phone]), movies (Blu-Ray, DVD, YouTube [via 4G broadcasted from my phone, and video file types stored either on the hard-drive or a USB flash drive)], and Bluetooth hands-free calling. I also want to make sure that the machine only goes into "hibernation" mode after the ignition is turned off, and I want something that will boot back up quickly when the ignition key is turned on. I'm not sure what all is needed for this.

I'm also not sure what I need for a power supply, cooling fan, processor, mini-ITX board, memory, nor all of the other necessary components to make this work properly based on what I want.

Anyone that can give me some feedback on what I need for this build would be greatly appreciated. I don't need to build a $2k carputer, I want to do this on somewhat of a budget while still getting great performance and the features that I need.

Much thanks,