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Yes, I cut all the USB cables I had inside, then took apart the octopus USB hub everyone has in their junk boxes, and soldered 4 cables to it, making a short 4 into 1 motherboard header connection.

You have 1 header on your board so you can do this too.

I have a worklog of what I did under "2012 Camaro in dash project" that you can see how I did it, but i'm on a cell phone so don't have the link handy.

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Ah, I was referring to the HDMI with USB breakout for Lilliput USB. This is a proprietary connector, so I'm looking for a pinout so I can hack my own HDMI --> HDMI+USB cable. I find it hilarious that you build a "factory ugly plate" to prevent stealing. I was thinking about doing something very similar with my Golf, but for now I canned that idea, since I don't want to have a plate sitting around while I drive... too inconvenient.

Thanks for the advice, though. The header on the Intel NUC is not actually present. I was planning to solder it onto the board, but I'm not actually sure the driver circuitry is attached to the header anymore. I don't have any information as to why this was removed.