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Thread: Tips on making a subwoofer box...

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    Tips on making a subwoofer box...

    Hey everyone, ok I have made a box 1nce before and know some stuff but would like some more tips. Ok btw im hooking up a 15" RF hx2 sub. Ok here are the dimensions for the sub, btw the box is going to be sealed. 21"(W)x21"(L)x16"(H). Ok well ill start off by cutting all the pieces. Then ill conect 2 pieces of wood by putting liquid nails(silicone) on them pirst, then holding them together, and screwing the wood pieces in place. Then ill repeat until everything is together, ill make sure to consider the thickness of the wood while doing this project. Then once everything is together ill cut the whole for the sub. Then ill put more liquid nails inside to make sure the box is sealed. Then basically just screw the sub in, and thats all. Anyone have any suggestions or wanna tell me what im doing wrong? Thanks everyone.

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    Scroll down and look at the software section. I haven't used them (yet), maybe it helps you.

    Use 18mm MDF, screws every 5cm (about 2inches) and glue
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    pre-drill if you're using mdf, and dont make a box, but one more like this pic, with a "leaning" wall, to prevent standing waves that might interfer with eachother and make the bass disappear at some freqs

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    i'd drill the hole for the woofer first, so you can attach the sub on the inside and not have screws showing

    also cut the hole a little smaller (about 3mm or so) first using a jigsaw. Then use a sanding drum to remove the rest of the MDF and smooth your circle.
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    I know that you are wanting to make a MDF box, but I'll throw my fiberglassing link into the mix as well. The bad part about a fiberglass box is they are more expensive to build, but they are extremely light, can take a beating, and can't be ruined by water after dried.

    The following is a good resource if you are interested in seeing how hard it is to work with fiberglass.

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    did you write that? if so its just what ive been looking for, and wriiten to my taste w/ some humor...........good ****
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