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Thread: Seeking users who have experience using compactflash as a replacement hard drive

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    Seeking users who have experience using compactflash as a replacement hard drive

    Basically, I'm wondering if there are any drawbacks/issues to using a compactflash card with an ide-compactflash adapter. On the positives, I know it will be quieter, hopefully less heat, and smaller overall dimensions. Is there anything i'm missing?
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    It's slower than an SSD, has no wear leveling support, and has limited re-writes so it's not so good for windows OS. They do make some IDE flash drives that are suited to the task, but size is small. I would rather choose a small 32GB or 64GB SSD, using an IDE to SATA adapter.

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    HORM is the way to go for CF.
    Don't expect any performance increase over a mechanical HDD.
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    It's slow. Really slow. You would need to get a top-end card to get decent performance, and at that point you are better off getting an ssd.

    I am using a tablet that has an IDE drive connection, and I just have a tiny CF card in there with /boot on it. All the real data resides on USB, which the bios doesn't want to boot by itself.

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