My Zotac D2700 is the heart of my CarPC install. The car lives in the garage and while I appreciate it's cold outside, the garage is integrated into the house and hasn't dropped below 4-5degC.

The issue is, at these temps the PC won't start. The M3-ITX PSU runs fine (LEDs light up and flash to state they're initialising the mainboard), but the board doesn't respond. If I warm up the PC with a hairdryer for 30-60secs, it then starts fine. I've mailed Zotac and they say the board is good down to 0degC, therefore, the issue is elsewhere.... grrrr!

I'd like to know if anyone else has experiences of this board struggling to start when it's chilly and if anyone has any ideas of a way around it? Is there a hidden BIOS setting I can change to bypass this temp check? Or does anyone know where the temp probe is on the board? Maybe I can insulate it a bit?!

Any ideas gratefully received!