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Thread: Car PC freezes when i hit a bump or when bass hits with a SSD

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    my money is 95% on the pci sound card, with 5% on the ram or hdd.

    in fact, that is the reason i run a usb sound card.. pci had freezing/vibration issues just on my bench.. the fact that the last-displayed image on the screen is a full image is pretty telling that it is probably not the ram-- which leaves hdd platter skips, which should be mostly corrected with a ssd.

    i've got a consistent issue where my ram becomes unslotted after a few months of use-- i attribute it to vibration.. anyways, whenever it happens, the image will scatter/blur, what ever you'd like to call it--it just becomes random colors/lines/pixels, with no recognizable image..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClockWorK View Post

    Who says knowledge is priceless?
    LOL.. Ok what I really meant to say is you want to be careful not to actually MOVE the components. Moving them in the socket can short them out. You want to try to vibrate them some how.. (Grab your woman's "toy" and hold THAT against it would be better than trying to wiggle it.. )
    If the computer is wiggling in my truck it is because i am off roading...

    My board is a heavy duty board and is designed to be in a harsh environment with built in video and audio. Heck the only things I added to the board were the memory and CPU. The Hard drive has a locking SATA cable on it and in the case it is crammed up against the side of the case and won't move. But not so hard as to break off the wire.

    Quote Originally Posted by soundman98 View Post
    my money is 95% on the pci sound card, with 5% on the ram or hdd.
    I am with you here... If he is using a locking SATA cable for the HD then it is very unlikely unless its power cable is coming loose.
    A standard PCI card has no hold down for it and it is easy to vibrate loose. I am also with you here that you are better off getting a USB sound card than to use a PCI card. If you don't have a built in card then you will want a USB card. Hopefully your video card is built on board. If it is not on board hopefully the slot you put it in has a locking mech to keep the card in place.
    The memory is clipped in place in most computers so it just depends on what kind of system it is locked in place with. If it is laptop style memory it is locked down pretty well.

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    as it turns out all it needed was a new ground. after making a ground for the pc its self everything works perfectly thanks eveyrone for your help i was just being a lazy idiot by never making a proper ground for the system lol

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