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Thread: 2006 Honda civic convert standard radio to OEM touchscreen navigation

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    2006 Honda civic convert standard radio to OEM touchscreen navigation

    I have a 2006 civic LX Sedan and it comes with this horrible radio. I have been looking at install a carputer, which would be a fun project.
    I also looked into OEM touch screen system with navigation for that make and model. These system are variously priced from 300 to 1200 dollars. My question is if I where to purchase one of these all in one system will I have troubles installing it over my boring old radio.

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    Is this what your dash looks like? this is a 7" with touch all you need is the computer.
    All-in-one systems are mostly wince or some form of older android but if they meet you needs go for it. SNO
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    2006 civic standard radio to oem navigation radio

    I currently have this in my dashboard
    I want to change to this
    Will there be any issue of installing when it regards to harness and will the be a lack of functionality. Essentially what I am asking are the system swappable give that I buy the whole system with front cover.

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