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Thread: RGsB to Video RCA

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    Looks like that should work.

    Congrats on getting it all to work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harryberlin View Post
    success BMW to VGA
    Have you found the solution for RGsB to Composite conversion?
    My 16x9 has been heavily modded to accommodate bigger 7" LCD. Now I'm looking for RGsB -> Composite adapter to get factory interface back.

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    What you will probably end up doing is converting the RGSB to VGA then VGA to composite.

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    i bought a vga to composite converter. it works, but the quality is not ok for me. i try to connect the carpc with hdmi and the bmw system on vga.
    but at the time, my mainboard is defect and very nice weather. so i go to sea, for swimming and looking girls

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