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Thread: FM Tuner card that takes car antennae cable

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    FM Tuner card that takes car antennae cable

    Hey guys,

    So I have all the required parts I need to start my project, except the FM Tuner card, I am not sure what the best card is to use, but would like one that can take the standard car antennae cable? Is there such a card available, if not, what are my options?

    The project will be on a 2005 E46 330i BMW, and would like to use the sharkfin.

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    Not sure about card types or where your at in the world. Visteon/directed hd radio if in north america, it's an external box that takes standard automotive antenna and is pass-thru. if rest of the world the monkey dab+ board it also has fm but a non standard antenna. Also what os and/or front-end will you be using? A few more details might get more idea's for you. SNO

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    I love my Visteon/Directed HD. It takes the input from standard radio antenna and also has an output. Works well.

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