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Thread: How to power my NEC Tnetpc-ion?

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    How to power my NEC Tnetpc-ion?

    I've been using a TNetpc-Ion form NEC for an HTPC for a few months. I have since upgraded and want to use the NEC for a car PC. It's a Zotac 1.6 GHz dual core Atom with 2 gig of ram and a 200gb hard drive. My problem is it has an external 110 volt power supply that outputs 19 volts to a barrel connector that plugs into the PC case. The female barrel connecter goes straight to the mobo. I do see where I think I could solder in the power header.

    I want to use this because, firstly, I already have it, it is capable, it's fan-less, it has all the USB, HDMI, eSATA, and every other port I will need, the case is small and has predrilled and tapped holes for mounting brackets. It's seemingly perfect except for the power supply.

    I haven't removed the mobo from the case to see what's on the bottom yet. I might do that after I finish this post. I don't see any numbers from the manufacturer or anything on this top side.

    If I can't solder on the power header, I was hoping I could use the power switch header for signal from the key switch, or some other header that may work. There is one next to the power switch header labeled RST SW, anyone know what that is for?

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    Welcome to the forum! You can use the carnetix power supply available at the mp3car store. It does 19v and all you might need to do is cut your end off your AC power supply and add to the carnetix end. It also comes with power on jumper wire to have carputer turn on with ignition. Hope this helps SNO

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