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Thread: Before putting fiberglass in trunk for sub box...

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    Before putting fiberglass in trunk for sub box...

    Hey everyone, ok ive seen and read a lot about fiberglass but i still have one question. Ok i see people making subwoofer boxes with fiberglass, but my question is is before you create the box should you lay dynamat where your going to put the box, or does it not matter because it wont rattle that part becuase it is made to that EXACT spot.....So bascially put dynamat first or no?

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    I don't know the answer to your question but I have another note, don't buy dynamat, there are cheaper alternatives

    peal & seal comes to mind
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    Yep, or iceguard (or similar) smooth underlay for Asphalt roughing felt.
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    i started my car with dynamat and finished it with some stuff called raammaat. it was much better. sticks a lot better. decent price too!

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    Raamat is the best bang for the buck.
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    thanks alby, you just told me what i wanted to hear, i've been wondering how good raamat is compared to dynamat, now that i know i'll be glad to **** some car audio stores off by how i didn't use their **** and it sounds better than thiers. lol thx


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