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Thread: Powered USB hubs

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    Just putting another option out their:

    This is what I use, however, I would google it to find a better price, fleabay seems to have the best price nowadays.

    I like it because its constantly on - so I can charge my phone threw my mounted USB port, and Other things have constant power so I dont have to worry about it powering on properly. Had it about 2 years without an issue.

    I'm thinking about moving to this one day:

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    Quote Originally Posted by trippah View Post
    I dont have a power supply (running laptop) so i need to power it from the car, but Ram USB Tough USB is a bit too expensive for a usb hub....

    I only have 3 ports to play with, and need to connect all these devices...

    2x2.5" hdd,
    video capture card,
    usb volume knob,
    bluetooth keyboard,
    3g dongle,
    I have to ask why the hard drives would be USB instead of SATA or PATA.
    Internal drives would eliminate the need for two USB ports alone.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I've modded several usb charger cigarette lighter adapters for use as a 5 volt source. The only problem I've had was when I was using a laptop that had a battery in it. It would back feed voltage through the usb port. I added a diode to solve that problem. I've also used some of the Anker Uspeed hubs that are 12 volt native.
    Works for me. YMMV. lol

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    snotwistr, one more question...I think...did you get pig tails for this or did you solder directly to the leads? I can't find pig tails or a connector that will accept anything larger than a 22G wire, I need 20g for 1.5 amps. I generally would prefer not to go through the hastle of soldering to this because I don't have a solder gun w/ enough wattage to properly solder to a solid object like that...just wire to wire.

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    I just solder to the ends, you don't need much heat these are very small the same size as a lm7805 regulator or you could crimp some connectors on with a good crimper. SNO

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