I recently installed a tablet into the dash of my 2004 Jeep Overland. It had a factory Infinity system with an amplifier. I wasn't to keen on replacing the amplifier, so I set out to make my own configuration.

I used a Logitech wireless speaker adapter to receive the audio. I originally fed this into a PAC-OEM1 but it was not nearly loud enough. Back to the drawing board.

Another forum member and Jeep owner used a JBL hi-line converter and a Lepai amplifier. I thought I would try the Clarion XC1410 instead. It works brilliantly. The audio sounds so much more full. I have an alternator whine issue though and it seems to be related to the bluetooth receiver.

I used a Metra adapter to connect everything to the factory harness. I also grab power from the harness for both the amp and the Logitech 5V adapter. They both use power and ground supplied by the radio harness. I was able to isolate the bluetooth receiver as the source of the sound, and more specifically, it's power supply. I mounted another ground directly to the body and ran it up to the 5V power supply but I was actually getting MORE alternator whine. At this point, it seems that the factory radio harness provides the cleanest power.

Should I run power directly from the battery for the amp or bluetooth receiver?