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Thread: usb android sstick to car lcd

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    usb android sstick to car lcd

    Hey guys been awhile since ive posted here. Anyway i have a car dvd touchscreen pllayer hooked up. Specifically a lexia lx-ddn7926, would it be possible to use the usb port to plug in a usb android stick? Its 12v adapter but im seeing touchscreen driver issues? Any inputs would be great. Thanks guys.

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    Not much info on that unit on the web. You need to find out first what os it uses kinda looks like wince of some sort. Either way I highly doubt it will work, usually those usb ports are just for a memory stick with music or movie files. Those units are very limited as to what you can do to them. Thats why I have a pc in my car so I can do whatever I want. Good luck maybe someone can shed more light on this. SNO

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