I came across the e3io car computers on there site http://e3io.com/custom-computers-car-pc

And they seem pretty good for what they are, albeit pricey. Which is the point of this thread, what I want to know is can a similar spec'd car pc be built for less with a less hassle as possible?

I am.just trying gauge any possible alternatives I am not aware of, as I'm new to the whole car pc scene. The reason I ask is from the threads on car pc's I have seen on this forum not many have a e3io car computer, so I'm thinking perhaps they cant be that good?

My requirements for a car pc are simple and as follows;

1) FM Radio
2) Sat Nav (gps)
3) DVB-T digital TV
4) SSD Hard drive
5) Optical out
6) HDMI port
7) all the other usual bits
8) Ideally an external screen (for security reasons as I want the car pc in the boot).
Note: I'll be using a USB external CD/DVD/Blue Ray drive in the glove box so I don't care for a car pc with a built in DVD drive.

So guys any recommendations or ideas?

Thanks in advance