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Thread: Zotac CI320 power question

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    Zotac CI320 power question

    Hey all,
    After purchasing the CI320, I saw that the power pack pushes 19volts. I did google and search this forum but havn't found the answer. Are anyone running this in your car? If so, how are you guys powering this unit? I have the M2-ATX-HD from my prior Carpc project I was planning on using.


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    You need the Carnetix p1900 unit. That will be the easiest and best solution for you. Plus you can get 12v regulated for monitor and also add the 5v add-on and power your 5v stuff all from one box. Good luck SNO

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    Thanks sno for the link and info! I must have missed the specs on that unit.

    Off topic for other users who want to use Zotac for carpc application. I took the unit apart and found that there is a PW switch pins on the board but without the pins. I also tested it and it does work. If you have some basic soldering skills, you can add the pins.

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