Hi all I am looking for someone to collaborate on a major project involving OBD2, GPS and Xbee. I need someone with experience in programming Pic to put all this together to get some data from the devices. To start with I will only need to receive VIN from OBD2, NEMA info and pass along to Xbee. But I see far more use in future to have all obd2 data to be passed to the Xbee.

A little about the project: Major Automobile manufacturer needs some way to monitor vehicles coming off the assembly line. Some vehicles are incomplete, need options added (striping, paint repair, panel adjustments or actual missing parts. They need to know where these vehicles end up in the process to complete. There are various stages after first inspection. The "OBD2" type dongle will be put in the vehicle at a certain stage of assembly and track the vehicle until it hits 3rd party inspection at which time it will be pulled and re-used. This dongle will be a pass-through as they also need to plug their unit into vehicle to program cruise control, radio functions and just all around checking of vehicle.

Please send me a PM if you are interested in being involved with this major project. Thanks for looking SNO

Here is a mockup of device shape and size
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