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Thread: power on beep

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    power on beep

    Ok how do you disable the power on beep form the EPIA C800.

    I installed my 8.5" VGA screen today and forgot to turn down the
    volume on my head unit, the power on beep, scared **** out of me!

    For the last year and a half I've been running Mpxplay in dos, With a SB sound card, and did not hear the beep.

    I have removed the SB card, now using the onboard sound from the EPIA.
    Only needed the SB card for Mpxplay to work.

    I have had a quick look in the bios, and don't see any to turn it off.


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    lol that thing scared the **** out of me too when I hooked mine up, i **** my pants!

    You need to update the BIOS from Via for the option to turn the POST beep off.

    Just go to via's website and click on tech faq's and its number 1.
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