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Thread: Computer in the trunk -- any problems?

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    The HD proximity to the subwoofer, has had tons of debates here. Some say the magnet will mess you up, others say it wont. The bass or vibrations wont mess you up at all. UNLESS you'll be hitting over 150dB although I have never seen a carpc in a system that can kick that hard.

    I also notice your setup in your signature. I recommend you get yourself a Audigy 2, the onboard sound of the shuttle sux major donkey ***, compared to Audigy 2. I had problems with the onboard sound.

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    Aww I was planning to use the only pci slot for a TV/FM tuner card ... well I'll see if the onboard sound is going to be a prob or not. The subwoofer and pc case will be on opposite sides of the trunk .. hopefully this is far enough so the magnetic field won't cause any problems. Thanks for the heads up.
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    I had the same concerns given that my maxima is quite a long car.. I was going to run the wires under the carpet up the middle so that i can minimize length..

    I currently running TWO Infinity Perfect 12.1s mated toa Kicker 550.3 Class D amp.. and I also am concerned as to whether the bass from my subs will mess up the HD...

    Magnetics is goingto be a huge problem given the size of the magnets on my subs...

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