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Thread: half height slot loading DVD+R drives?

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    half height slot loading DVD+R drives?

    Has anyone found such a thing? After months of work, I just realised today that my 8185 (the DVD-ROM we all know and love...) is from Apple, well known for running in the DVD-R camp, and therefore won't read any of the DVDs I burn at home. doh.

    So, how about a slot loader from Sony, Philips, Ricoh, Mitsumi, ...etc.?

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    The only slot loading dvd drives i have found were labtops and i think this right .These places sale the drives but not really to cheap. I dont want to pay close to $180 for the thing, Wait I think thats a dvd/burner combo drive price but owell. I think I read some ware they support dvd+rw and dvd-rw so u shold be in good shape i wish i could find a supply in the states.
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