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Thread: Complete N00b!

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    Complete N00b!

    Right I live in the UK and have just seen a few pics of these installs but need some questions answered.

    1. How do you hook the sound up to your car speakers without a stereo present?

    2. Whats the best way to power the LCD? i know Opus i prolly the best PSU for the PC but the PC will be in the boot and a dash mounted LCD will be too far i think.

    3. Ive got 100 to spend, what motherboard should i get Via Epia?? what speed is good for DVD?

    Thanx very muchly


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    1) amp
    2) power it off the PSU
    3) you'd want a good via 8000 or 10000 they might be just over your price limit
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    on Q.3.

    I have gone for a MSI micro atx board with sound and video i managed to pick this and a p3 800mhz up for 40 squid on ebay....theres a guy selling a whole bunch of micro atx boards for 15 squid. BigwadUk or something......

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    wait 100 british pounds is about 145-150 US dollars right? assuming thats correct, save up and get a Epia M10k. thats about 120 british pounds. TRUST US, its worth it.
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